All windows are new build 9200 no file or folder are deleted
when instal windows 8 Enterprise x86/x64bit
do not use any SN

windows 8 x86bit
windows 8 Pro x86bit
windows 8 Enterprise x86bit
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86bit

windows 8 x64bit
windows 8 Pro x64bit
windows 8 Enterprise x64bit
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64bit

How To install WMC :

1.Go to Start screen (Windows key or lower-left corner)

2.Type  add fe  and click Settings on right-hand side as shown here:

3.Next click "Add Features to Windows 8" and you ll be greeted with this:

4.Click I already have a product key and use this key:
MAK Keys

5.The computer will restart several times and windows will still be unactivated.

How to activate:

1. Run CMD as admin. Enter one of they keys in one of the lists here:

NEW! Key list 19:

NEW! Key list 20:

NEW! Key list 21:

NEW!Key list 22:

Close CMD and go to next step.

2.Press windows button + R and type slui 4. Press enter. Select United Kingdom as your country.

3.Call the toll free number. Follow their instructions. Works best with a real phone         ,          but if you can t call internationally         ,          use Skype[Link] or iCall[Link].

4. If they ask number of computer         ,          where you will use this key         ,          say 1. Follow their instructions.


Video Guides[Thanks to Win8Pro1234]:

How To Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro With Media Center and Activate:

If you want to skip the upgrade go to 01:46 or if you want to skip the Skype call the start of the call is 03:50 and the Ends at 07:11.

Just showing you how to upgrade and activate windows 8 with media center         ,        

Use this to Activate or get your Confirm IDs use one of the ProWMC Keys!

My user name on there is Win8Pro1234 I m going to help with the topic replies.
(don t PM me i will not reply         ,          reply to the topic like everyone else) and please enter "Windows8TMHacks sent me here." at the end of your reply if you went to the form.

1) Disconnect from the internet.
2) Move your mouse to the bottom left of your screen then right click and run Command Prompt as admin.
3) Enter the key that your going to be using like this "slmgr /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" and press enter.
4) Go to your PC Info and click on "view details"
5) Activate by phone.
6) Select UK and phone the number by Skype or your home phone.
7) Press One (1) when it ask how many PC s your going to be activating.
8) Enter your ID and enter the Confirm ID.
and that is it!

How to Backup Windows 8 Activation:
Link  [I m not allowed to Embed more than 1 video]


1) Unzip.

2) Run the app.

3) Enter your key and click where it say that you have verified the key.

4) Click "Activation Backup".

5) Click Yes.

How to Restore Windows 8 Activation:
Link [I m not allowed to Embed more than 1 video]


1) Run the app

2) Click on "Activation Restore" (NOTE! you must make a backup before you can restore!)

3) There is no step 3! Well you may have to restart

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